Our marketing
centric approach

Our consulting group, Strategic Growth Initiatives (“SGI”), focuses on helping businesses grow. We know that for your company to implement an effective growth plan, you must be strategic, intentional and committed to the effort from the top down. We work with your company's leadership to turn visions into reality.

marketing centric

We lead and facilitate strategic growth initiatives using what we call a "marketing-centric approach" for defining your company's vision, brand, systems, alignment and community. Once clearly spelled out, these five items create the foundation for you to build an attainable business development and growth plan.

For every company there is a unique environment of competitors and perception of the complexity of the product or services you provide. This environment is your "playing field" on which you do business. There a different types of playing fields with different rules, requirements, and strategies. Our "Marketing-Centric" versus "Sales-Centric" approach focuses on your customer's experience of you and provides your company with the tools to take control and capture it’s own unique state of ness.

The sales component of the business development process is dynamic and ever-changing because it is driven, managed and implemented by people. People need the right mind set, skills set and tool sets to excel. Marketing-Centric skills training and sales support tools are developed through an alignment with the company's vision and brand. This allows your sales team to focus on creating revenue and maintaining the right frame of mind.

In today's global markets, for an organization to create sustainable and scalable growth they must:

  • Clearly define their vision, markets and customers.
  • Develop and position a unique and identifiable brand.
  • Implement marketing and sales support systems and reporting.
  • Foster and strengthen their community.

If this makes sense for you and your company, please contact us to learn more. After an initial interview process, we start with a Marketing-Centric Snapshot of your business. Our goal is to make working with the Ness and SGI simple and successful.

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