All sorts of creativeness
and strategic-ness

(That last one came from The Ness Dictionary - may not be used in word games.)


The people behind The Ness are a capable medley of inventive minds each contributing their own creativity to your distinctive brand bringing it to life. With a true to type and familiar style, whether it’s printed on a postcard, displayed on your website or flashing on an electronic billboard, we work to blast off that presence.

Content that stimulates
the mind.

You want content that will fuel the minds of your budding customer base so they connect with what you have to offer. You want that content to fire them up so they see that your business has the ness they are looking for. Potential customers want to enjoy the content their brain is consuming and they crave composition with significance. Clever wit doesn’t hurt either.

Business strategies
that work.

Simple and effective is our recipe. As business owners we aren’t just marketing strategists looking at your needs from the inside out. We’re consumers of products and services ourselves, so we also have eyes on your needs from the outside in. Our method comes with straight talk so you don’t have to decipher marketing bologna. Although if you have bologna to market, lets talk.

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